Safe Dentist in Covid 19

How safe is it to visit the Dentist in COVID19?

We know how vital dental health is, but if you have any signs of COVID-19, please do not come in. You are putting the lives of everyone in your path at risk.

Stay at home, if you have any early symptoms of COVID-19. You may have a dry cough for a few days before it goes gone.

The majority of those who get the disease will only experience minor symptoms. Even though we live in times when a fever may imply the worst, try not to let it affect your outlook on life.

Having a fever may be the result of being sick. Even so, if you begin to exhibit any symptoms, you must isolate everyone in your immediate vicinity.

You may schedule an appointment with one of our clinics once you have quarantined yourself for two weeks and shown no additional symptoms.

How can you social distance when you are in a dentist’s chair?

Even though you and your dentist will be in close quarters, our dentists outfit with personal protective equipment (PPE) (personal protective equipment). By wearing this, they protect against a patient bringing germs or diseases to the dentist that they may carry.

In addition, by wearing this PPE, the dentist will not transmit any germs or infections to the patient.

Keep a distance of two meters between you and anybody else in the clinic’s waiting area. We will make sure patients are not too near to one another by spacing out seats.

You may use hand sanitizers while you wait for your appointment, and we will make sure that all surfaces and doorknobs are thoroughly sanitized.


What steps take dental clinics to keep patients and employees safe from COVID-19?

Dental clinics have to follow stringent cleanliness guidelines even before the outbreak. Using EPA-approved disinfectants, all dental offices currently adhere to BDA requirements for disinfecting and cleaning the patient room, including the dentist chair. Specially developed for healthcare environments, disinfectants destroy all germs, bacteria, and viruses.


Surgical masks, eye protection goggles, and gloves are among the protective gear our dentists and reception staff will continue to use in addition to our standard cleaning procedures.

These requirements are already in effect, and they will remain so for the rest of time (regardless of a global pandemic).


However, with the arrival of COVID-19, we have taken extra safety measures. We have implemented social segregation regulations in the clinic for anybody not wearing personal protective equipment—we regularly clean surfaces like doorknobs, reception counters, and even pens in the waiting areas.


We will space out dental visits to spend more time with each patient while also reducing the number of individuals waiting in line. A minimum distance of two meters will be required in waiting rooms for chairs place apart, and periodicals and toys remove. Hand sanitizers put our clinics in their place.


Our employees check every day for coronavirus symptoms as part of our additional precautionary measures. Before entering or leaving the practice, they will have to change into scrubs from their regular attire. The dentist, hygienist, and other helpers in the patient room will also wear more sturdy equipment for potentially risky operations.


When it comes to COVID-19, we at the Neem Tree take it extremely seriously. We promise that any dental work you do in the safest possible manner.


Why do we need particular protocols in dentistry?

Dentists have a crucial role in the fight against COVID-19 transmission.


The practice of dentistry is already very intrusive. Thus, the proliferation of COVID-19 has presented several difficulties for dentists. It is hazardous to get into other people’s mouths nowadays since that is how they’d become sick. As a result, we have implemented several safety and hygiene procedures across all of our locations to protect our patients and our employees.

Is it safe to get treatment for a dental emergency during COVID 19?

If you have a dental emergency or want to schedule a routine checkup, you can trust us to take care of you. Personal protection equipment (PPE) utilize, as well as social distancing techniques and robust PPE. All of our patients must know that our clinics take extra precautions to prevent the spread of illness.

Can I return to the dentist at this time?

It is difficult to know if going to the dentist is safe, given the constantly fluctuating rise and fall of covid cases, new strains, and shifting regulatory regulations. We have already stated that we have taken all the essential measures to keep our workouts safe. To further ensure the safety of our patients, the majority of our team has received the first dose of the Covid vaccination.


Now, whether or not you see your dentist is entirely up to you. We have instituted several hygienic procedures to keep everyone in the clinic safe when they return. We urge all of our patients, in light of current events, to prioritize their dental health.


Walk-ins are not accepted. Set up an appointment with us to discuss all of the safety measures we have in place and how they will affect you. Call us now to get started. As a result, you will be more relaxed when you arrive for your appointment. If you are still hesitant about visiting the clinic, we offer virtual meetings.


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