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What is Best Therapy?

Long term stress relief

·      Work smarter:

Work smarter, not harder, is a very famous proverb. This is helpful.

Make time for yourself. Do things that give you maximum benefits in shorter time duration and invest the rest of the time in focusing on yourself.


·      To-do list and writing habit:

You should make a to-do list for your daily day’s goals. Other than this, writing down about things helps a lot. You can manage your stress by writing

down the things and situations which bother you the most. It is a very effective psychological technique.

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·      Plan some Leisure activities:

For coping up with stress, you should also plan some leisure activities. Visit different places such as parks and museums. Do things that give you happiness, such as

painting, drawing, sketching, and gardening. You can add up different things in your life routine that make you happy and comfortable or things you enjoy with your heart.


·      Acceptance about things you cannot change:

Take acceptance about the things which you cannot change. Just try to be positive and stay calm about situations. Say that you cannot control

everything and accept things as they are in life’s fundamental principle. Arranging your thought patterns in this way can become the best method to relieve stress.


·      The habit of saying no to things you cannot handle:

Do not try to manage everything in your life. Choose some responsibilities and put your best in dealing with them. Try to learn to say no to things you cannot handle.

Rushing into too many responsibilities in your life can become a stressful situation in your life.


·      Quality time with loved ones:

Spending some quality time with your loved ones is a great habit to maintain your life. It put energy in your mind, and you feel less lonely and surrounded with love and appreciation.

After doing work, plan a dinner or cook something for your loved ones and have a healthy talk with them.


·      The habit of expressing gratitude:

Well, doing things just on a physical level is not enough. Managing your thought patterns is important. Make your mind habitual of expressing gratitude. Slowly

you will feel that you are not taking stress on little things. You are happy with the things which you have. Life is good, and people are doing everything for a reason.

Expressing gratitude daily might seem like something difficult in the initial stages, but you would later be proud of achieving this habit of gratitude.


·      Spiritual and religious habits:

This thing may not suit everyone as everyone does not feel connected with some spiritual and religious habits. Still, if you feel so, you can add some good spiritual and religious

habits to your life routine. You can do prayer meditation daily. This will put a positive attitude in your personality, and you will have a positive outlook on life.


·      Seek counseling:

If all of these things are not working properly to manage your stress, you should look for counseling. They can help you a lot by getting the depth of your stress.

Counselors can also provide you with some great stress management plans. They are usually good listeners, and this one-way conversation puts a very positive result on the human mind.


Tips for quick stress relief:

Apart from the above techniques for stress relief, we would like to tell you some small tips for managing stress instantly.

      I.         Popping bubbles:

Popping bubbles can help a lot when you are being stressed by something. Whenever you feel stressed, you should try this. Research has proven its positive effects on the mind.

    II.         Chewing gum:

Chewing some good flavored and minty gums also helps a lot in reducing your stress level and anxiety. Just take chewing gum and be ready to feel fresh.

  III.         Take a bath:

Taking a bath is very effective in reducing anxiety. Submergence in the water can help your nervous system to get calm and relaxed.

  IV.         Bake something:

Baking is a very good idea while dealing with stress. You can in the kitchen and just bake some cupcakes or a chocolate cake.

    V.         Dance with madness:

One of the amazing tips to deal with stress is that dance like nobody is watching. Dance with a great amount of madness. Turn your internal stress of

mind into some weird and awkward dance moves. You will feel really good.

   VI.         Smell good scents:

You can smell some good scents right after being known that you are stressed. It might not directly help you in reducing stress, but your mood will become cheering.

VII.         Take a hug:

Well, this is one of the most cutest things. You can talk to someone and can take a hug from them. Hug releases oxytocin hormone, which is highly involved with

happiness and mood-lifting activity. So, whenever you get stressed, just go to your favorite person, sit with them, and take a hug.

VIII.         Coloring book or doodle:

Why not trying to do some coloring book or doodle? You would feel amazing, and you will feel less stressed.


Identify which stress technique is suitable for you?

The most important thing is that you have to identify that which technique is suitable for you. Some people are more likely to be relaxed after expressing things

and some prefer to do things that are not expressive. They tend to keep things inside themselves. You have to identify the right choice of technique according to your personality and nature.

The easy way to find out this is to imagine yourself in each technique and then know the outcomes. If you feel like you are okay with the consequences, then that is the right thing for you

and you should go with that technique.

When should you go for medicine?

Now, the important question is that when you should for stress relieving medicine?

The answer to this question is that, as we have described above that stress causes hormonal changes, and these hormones are highly involved in increasing and decreasing its level.

According to the doctor, when you face severe problems at a hormonal level in managing stress and any psychological therapy and technique are not making you calm, then

that is a sign that you should go for medicine.

That is all about managing your stress due to problems in daily life. Remember that being sad and getting worried is easy but being happy and motivated requires effort and determination.

So be self-motivated first to manage your stress.

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